Builtex Group has a strong culture of family based values including openness, honesty, fairness, respectfulness and a collaborative work ethic. A senior management team who exemplify the company values and exist within a flat structure to allow speed of decision-making reinforces these family values.

Builtex Group’s management comprises a team of highly qualified professionals with a distinguished track record in the market. Our staff have always welcomed the challenges of broadening fields of operations and the increasingly complex nature of work standards. They are consistently acquiring new skills and expertise that ensures Builtex Group remains a leader within the industry.

The shared goal of any client and contractor is to achieve a successful project outcome. Builtex Group achieves this aim through positive and open relationships, procedural integrity, technical expertise and attention to detail. The team at Builtex strive to ensure synergy between all project participants including the client, the architect, designers and other external and regulatory bodies. Close control of our business by way of robust procedures and processes ensures the successful project outcome.

At Builtex we pride ourselves on developing and maintaining strong professional relationships and we always conduct our business to the highest degree of ethical standards and company values.

Moussa Nader, the Managing Director and Founder of Builtex Group has 18 years experience in the industry as a developer and builder who understands all elements of property development and construction. Moussa takes a hands-on approach to the daily operation of the business.  His qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Building and Construction Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. He holds a current Builder’s License (147114C) and is a member of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA).

Moussa is well versed in the building industry and understands the importance of an experienced and hard working team. He has assembled a team of competent, highly motivated and experienced professionals. Moussa is recognised for his many years of experience in construction and development, a keen eye for opportunities and a commitment to the very highest level of integrity. Moussa maintains an active interest in the critical relationship with our clients, and oversees all commercial and financial aspects of the business.

Ronny Abou-Sleiman has been in the building industry for 15 years. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Construction from the University of Technology, Sydney and he is a Qualified Licensed Builder. As Project Manager of Builtex, Ronny is responsible for the successful delivery of our projects. He is accountable to all stakeholders and employees within Builtex, including clients, design consultants, project managers, site managers, contract administrators, estimating staff, subcontractors, and other external parties, including liaison with government authorities.

Ronny is responsible for managing and overseeing each development’s appointed project team and its subcontractors from notice to proceed and commissioning to full operations and delivering reporting for each project to the director. Ronny is also tasked with the delivery of tenders, letting of head contracts and subcontracts, and ensuring that each contract is administered in accordance with Builtex protocols and that commercial targets are achieved.

Andrew Cassar has been in the building industry for 10 years. Andrew is a qualified Architectural Draftsman who is an expert in both AutoCad and ArchiCad and is also a qualified Builder who holds a current Builders License. Andrew’s Architectural and Building background knowledge and experience has proven invaluable during the pre-construction and construction process in identifying and problem solving building design with appropriate building techniques.

Andrew’s experience in ArchiCad allows him Pre-construction 3D modelling of the project with detailed co-ordination of required services and structure. As a Site Manager of Builtex, Andrew is accountable for daily operations, co-ordinating, quality control, supervision and successful delivery of the project alongside the management team.

Joe Nader has been in the building industry for 10 years. As a member and partner of the establishing family Joe is extremely invested in the success of Builtex Group. He is a representative of the values demonstrated by the Nader family and is paramount to the success of our business. Joe is a Qualified Licensed Builder and Site Manager of Builtex.

Joe is active on site and is familiar with all day-to-day operations. As a Site Manager of Builtex, Joe is accountable for the daily operation, co-ordinating, quality control, supervision and successful delivery of the project alongside the management team.

Frank Loulach has been in the building industry for 18 years. Frank is a Qualified Licensed Builder. His years of expertise allow him invaluable insights into the workings of a site.

As a Site Manager of Builtex, Frank is accountable for the daily operation, co-ordinating, quality control, supervision and successful delivery of the project alongside the management team.

Natalie Sanderson has been in the building industry for over 20 years. Natalie is the backbone structure of Builtex Group. Natalie’s vast experience within the Building Industry assists with day-to-day operations and leading of the whole team at Builtex.

As Administration Manager of Builtex, Natalie is responsible for the administration component of the business including accounts payable, account receivable, liaising with clients, lending bodies, councils, insurances, solicitors, real estate sales, project costing as well as overseeing all financial aspects of the business.

Rania Nader has been involved in the building industry for over 12 years. Rania is an integral part of Builtex in providing convenience to our clientele and staff. Her role is to carry the authority approvals throughout each of the project phases. Rania has extensive experience in authority approvals within each of the project phases including but not limited to facilitating and obtaining DA, CC, Occupation Certificates, Sub-Division Registration, Section 73, Quantity Survey Reports, certification and compliance with regulating authorities.

Rania’s approach and role within Builtex is to ensure the Client obtains all required approvals in the most efficient time frame possible. This is particularly important at the rear end of the project where holding costs incur at peak debts.

Lauren Nader has been involved as the in-house interior designer for Builtex Group over the past 4 years. Lauren holds an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design and has had extensive experience in both residential and commercial interior design. Her experience delivers a project unique to the taste and budget of the client.

Lauren is responsible for liaising with clients for brief concept design and then converting it into a reality. Lauren is also responsible for preparing Schedule of Finishes, material selection boards, interior and exterior finishes, sales floor plans and co-ordinating and arranging photo montages for each Builtex Project.


  • As a developer, our main goals are successful project delivery within budget and on time. Our success is dependent on a builder and project manager that can meet these objectives.

    Over the last few years we have formed a strong alliance with Builtex and have been able to achieve our goals. We aim to continue our strong working relationship well into the future as we tackle larger and more complex projects together.

    Raymond Sleiman
    Taylor Smith Projects
  • In the dynamic industry of property development and building where there are so many variables such as the dreaded council approval process, gaining development finance, achieving pre sales, etc, the most important piece of the puzzle which the whole deal relies on is the delivery of the finished product.

    The professionalism, honesty and attention to detail is first class.

    Harry Bazouni
  • As an agent who has lots of experience in the sale of new developments and various construction companies, its always so important to have the faith in the product that you are selling. Moussa and the Bultex group have always been clear in their level of finishing, estimated completion dates and updated me on progress. Builtex quality is always their trade mark especially when you can confidently refer your customer to view past completed developments, 5ys or 10yrs old developments which still are as fresh as they were when they were built.

    Starr Director
  • My observations working with Builtex – Are that of builders that care and demonstrate fundamental principals needed in any successful organisation such as integrity and thoughtfulness. They have a passion for their work and a desire to uphold a personal standard where exceptional is the norm. The result – is not only a quality product for the client but also a transparent and stress free process.

    Omar Obeid
    Ausrealty Estate Agents