Builtex Group Pty Ltd has evolved through 30 years of industry experience earning an outstanding reputation for unique design and construction quality. Our unfailing pursuit of customer satisfaction has resulted in a dependable, value driven and leadership focused company that offers a complete building solution from design concept through to construction.

The commencement of our journey as a family-owned construction company ensured that customer satisfaction has always been paramount to our success. We have since developed into a complete building solution for both residential and commercial clientele. Builtex Group is continuously committed to providing our clients with a range of high quality options, levels of service and increased flexibility in order that individually tailored solutions may be developed. The fulfilment of our clients’ needs is paramount when measuring the success of any Builtex development.


The qualified team of architects, project managers, engineers and building consultants at Builtex Group provides our clients with a comprehensive experience for comfort and ease of mind throughout both the design and construction process. The benefit of such a broad range of experience within our company is the ability to provide sound design advice with build ability in mind, while providing ongoing cost planning and value engineering. This ensures that the client has the confidence that they are receiving accurate cost planning advice when determining the feasibility of a proposed development. From concept to handover, Builtex Group’s extensive experience never fails to meet the high expectations set by both ourselves and our clientele.

Today Builtex Group takes great pride in our achievements. We commit to the recognition that the journey never ends; that the potential to refine, improve and build on what we do is paramount to the ongoing growth of our company.


Developed as a building company designed to accommodate our clients needs, Builtex Group is committed to providing successful project delivery within the designated timeframe, budget and to complete client satisfaction.


  • As a developer, our main goals are successful project delivery within budget and on time. Our success is dependent on a builder and project manager that can meet these objectives.

    Over the last few years we have formed a strong alliance with Builtex and have been able to achieve our goals. We aim to continue our strong working relationship well into the future as we tackle larger and more complex projects together.

    Raymond Sleiman
    Taylor Smith Projects
  • In the dynamic industry of property development and building where there are so many variables such as the dreaded council approval process, gaining development finance, achieving pre sales, etc, the most important piece of the puzzle which the whole deal relies on is the delivery of the finished product.

    The professionalism, honesty and attention to detail is first class.

    Harry Bazouni
  • As an agent who has lots of experience in the sale of new developments and various construction companies, its always so important to have the faith in the product that you are selling. Moussa and the Bultex group have always been clear in their level of finishing, estimated completion dates and updated me on progress. Builtex quality is always their trade mark especially when you can confidently refer your customer to view past completed developments, 5ys or 10yrs old developments which still are as fresh as they were when they were built.

    Starr Director
  • My observations working with Builtex – Are that of builders that care and demonstrate fundamental principals needed in any successful organisation such as integrity and thoughtfulness. They have a passion for their work and a desire to uphold a personal standard where exceptional is the norm. The result – is not only a quality product for the client but also a transparent and stress free process.

    Omar Obeid
    Ausrealty Estate Agents